New Zealand Performance Car

“I’m very pleased to print one of my all time favourite cars in this issue too – Hugo’s Toyota AE85. This is the one we shot at dawn a month or so ago, and the spread looks rad as”

– Pedey



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  1. Mines cooler it can go over bumps and shit
    It got heaps less power to and no boobaa!

  2. must be the first 3A-U powered car to grace the cover of trusty NZPC, well done bro, quite an achievement

  3. Yo, reckon you could scan it and send it to my email bro? I need the odd bit of reading 😀

  4. WAYLOW man WAYLOW hahahaha
    Can you can scan the article and post fuckn NZPC impossible to find over here

  5. Brown smudge bottom right?

  6. The ute’s cooler.

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