Road Tripping!

Drove just over 2096km last week. 3/4 of it was by myself! extremely boring! 

Taupo was my first destination, leaving Auckland at 3am saturday morning after a party I sober drove for.

So I got the must haves for any late night mission and trucked on..

3hrs later i arrived at Taupo and had a quick sleep in my truck then went and watched a couple mates drift for the day


and Picket..

Stayed the night in Taupo at Pickets then headed off to Wellington in the AM.

Good by Taupo..

Hello Desert Road! (yeah it was a BIG bug!)

I wasnt in a hurry so I went exploring down some side roads that you hardly know are there unless your looking..

It went on like that for about 6km then split into two road, I took the left one first and came to this..

I jumped back in my truck and headed back up the hill to go down the other road. I got to the bottom of that and found a huge water station with a dam i could drive over..

From there I put my iPhone down and went full steam ahead to Wellington arriving to this..

Went for a swim and then slept. haha

Next morning I got on my way to Shred Motorsport, water was like glass..

Arriving at Shred, my car was well underway with the my new GT3076r all mounted with dump pipe made up..

more tomorrow…….



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